Interski Congress Pamporovo, Bulgaria, March 2019




1) What is the Interski congress and what is its purpose?


  • The Interski Congress takes place every four years and is organized and run by Interski International in conjunction with the host nation. Its purpose is to help all snowsports nations of the world share and exchange ideas on the teaching of snowsports whatever the discipline.


  • Interski International was established in 1951 and every four years a weeklong congress is held where each nation is represented by its elite teachers and performers. The goal of the association is to contribute to the development and improvement of snowsports teaching worldwide.


  • The main worldwide bodies for snowsports teaching are members of Interski International. These bodies are ISIA, IVSI & IVSS. In addition there are over 36 individual member nations.


  • Interski 2019 will see the congress return to Europe. Click here to view a list of where the congress has been hosted since 1951.



2) What benefit does IASI get from being at the congress?


  • IASI remains a “small” nation within the world of snowsports instructor certification bodies but has achieved very good recognition of its qualifications through attending four previous Interski Congresses; Austria in 1991, Norway in 1999, Switzerland in 2003, Austria in 2011 and Argentina 2019. Click here to view IASI’s history including its participation at Interski over the years.


  • Attending the Interski Congress raises “Ireland’s and IASI’s” profile within the International community meaning that we are taken more seriously as a qualifying body for snowsports instructors.


  • By attending each congress we keep up to date with the latest developments in teaching the sport which in turn helps us to ensure that our system is up to date, current and continues to meet required international standards.


  • We get to collect a wealth of information that we can share with the rest of the membership via presentations at the IASI AGM and via this website Irish Interski 


  • Ultimately the main benefit of attending each congress is that we improve employment opportunities for our members worldwide. We have had members working in places like New Hampshire, USA, South Island, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, France etc.



3) What does IASI hope to achieve by being at the congress in Bulgaria in March 2019?


The Irish Interski Team representing IASI hopes to achieve the following at the Interski Congress in 2019;

  • Take our biggest ever team to a congress including a demo team (Alpine), delivery team and research team.


  • Showcase our technical philosophies on the demo hill.

  • Have representatives for Alpine, Freestyle, Telemark and Adaptive as part of the overall team.


  • Present IASI’s philosophies, teaching and learning methodology (ISTM & KMPF). 


  • Present on-snow workshops and  off snow lectures. 


  • Gather information from other nations by attending lecture presentations and on-snow workshops.​


  • Attend the ISIA & IVSI congress meetings and take part in any voting.


  • Network with delegates from other nations and continue to forge and strengthen links with other bodies in terms of mutual recognition of qualifications.


  • Continue to build on the success of previous congresses and help to develop IASI across all disciplines.



4) Are we presenting anything at the forthcoming congress (e.g. workshop/lecture/demonstrations)?


  • We will deliver on-snow workshops and off snow lectures all based around the congress theme of 'Future Snowsports". 


  • St. Anton 2011 was the first time “Ireland” presented at an Interski Congress with our previous three appearances being attendance only. Ushuaia saw us deliver our first on snow workshop and Pamporovo will be the first time that we participate fully through on snow demonstrations (demo hill), on snow workshops and off snow lectures. 



5) What costs are involved i.e. flights, accommodation, meals, congress package, uniforms etc.?


  • There is no cost to IASI as all team members fully pay their own way (as we did for Ushuaia in 2015). We appreciate any support we can get in the form of donations or sponsorship. Click here to support the team.


  • Prior to 2015 IASI had always made a contribution towards the expenses of attending on the previous four occasions. As the team has developed and grown all participants have paid their own way in support of Irish snowsports teaching, coaching and instructing. ​​



6) Why are the Chair and Head of Education also paying their own costs?


  • The Chair and Head of Education (and the other team members) are personally paying their own costs of attending because of a genuine love of the sport and the wish to help develop and promote Irish snowsports and Irish snowsports teaching qualifications.


  • And to maintain the excellent level of involvement we have had at International meetings; Interski, ISIA and IVSI meetings. The International Snowsports teaching community have come to expect Ireland to be present at and to be actively involved in meetings and it is vital that we try to maintain this even though we are such a small nation.



7) What did we gain from being at the last congress in Ushuaia in 2015?


  • We presented two off snow lectures, our first ever on snow workshop to the other nations of the world and participated in the opening and closing ceremonies on the demo hill. 


  • We gathered a huge amount of information from attending other lectures and on-snow workshops presented by other nations. Click here to view all the countries featured on this site from Ushuaia 2015.



8) What did we achieve post the last congress?


  • The team delivered a post congress presentation to the members at the 2015 IASI AGM. Click here the massive amount that was achieved.


  • The website was compiled and paid for by Parallel Dreams containing a wealth of information from the 2015 congress including video of demonstrations by other participating nations, PDFs of lecture presentations, information about other nations qualification systems. And all the documents that Team Ireland put together.


  • The massive growth of IASI since the 2015 congress has been a direct result of our attendance and participation in the event. 



9) Will there be a post congress report/information after Pamporovo 2019?


  • The intention will be to compile information and add it to this website so that it continues to be a valuable resource for IASI members and a great advert to the rest of the world about IASI and how we take our attendance at the congress very seriously.


  • There will be a presentation to members at the AGM in October 2019.​


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