Irish Interski Team working with SkiA

The Irish Interski Team is delighted to be working with SkiA Designs Ltd. who manufacture the innovative balance trainer that attaches to your ski boot and allows you to improve your balance and posture for skiing.

The team are using the balance trainers as part of their preparation for the Interski Congress in Ushuaia, Argentina, which takes place from the 5th to the 12th of September 2015.

SkiA Designs is supporting the team in several ways;

1) They are supplying a set of the balance trainers for each of the participating nations at the congress itself with compliments of the Irish Interski Team.

2) They are giving away a few sets of the trainers, as a reward, to people who pledge money on the teams Crowd Funding initiative.

3) They are making the trainers available to the team members so that they can incorporate them into their individual training programmes.

In return the Irish Interski Team are promoting the trainers and showing other nations how they can be used as part of an overall dry-land training programme to improve balancing skills. The trainers will be featured in the Teams presentations at the congress itself.

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