An early start and I mean early!

Irish Interski Team Training - Day 2 - The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

Day Two dawned bright and early for the Irish Interski team. And I mean early. Slightly unsure as to whether it was a prank and the other team members would rock up at 9am with a coffee and a giggle, we arrived at The Snow Centre at 6.50am for a quick change into the new uniforms and were out on the snow by 7am.

The purpose of the early morning session was to record some videos and photos whilst the centre was quieter without lessons going on.

“I’m doing my most active skills to pretend I’m awake!” - M. Shaxted

Some of the team filmed some demonstration videos, which had been shown the previous day to the group. The philosophy behind #beingfreetoski really matches with IASI’s ‘Learn it, Love it, Live It’ in that there are different ways to perform the same task and a touch of individual style so having more demonstrators in the Levels videos in different environments support that message, which hopefully will come through at the AGM next month.

Once the photos were over and conversations had been started about what we had covered yesterday on IASI’s philosophies and how we could see it on snow it was back to the conference room to discuss Interski.

A 4-yearly meeting of the ski instructor associations in the world is an exciting topic. Derek Tate presented some information about what had happened at previous Interski’s which Ireland had attended, more about the conference itself and how it would run. We are set for a busy week is all I can say!

Learning from other nations is always been Ireland’s main intention of attending Interski, to share and discuss and engage with what’s going on around the world. It will be a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and it began to hit home with many of our team that we were proud of the work done by IASI over the last four years and how much the association has grown and developed and to present that to the other nations is a real privilege.

Vittorio Caffi then gave a talk about his role, representing IASI, as the ISIA President, and his role as a part of the organising team for Interski. Having a representative at such a high level is a fantastic promotion for IASI, so a big thank you to Vittorio for the work he does on our behalf.

The Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead have been supporting the Irish Interski Team from the start, so Pete Gillespie and Ian Brown gave a short presentation on how the company’s ethos and beliefs are put into everyday use, in everything from rentals to dealing with complaints and how it has created a dedicated team and successful business. Certainly inspiration for how to get IASI’s values into all of our work be it running IASI courses or teaching our own clients.

As you may or may not know, the Irish Interski team members are currently funding their own places for Interski; such is the belief in what we do and how much we have to gain from attending. A huge thanks goes to our main sponsors Rossignol and Columbia, and to The Snow Centre, Paralllel Dreams, Teko, Graystone Action Sports Academy, Vango, Anatom, Look, The Ultimate Promotion Company Ltd, JCP and Stephen Chadwick who is composing some original music for the demo team ski!

Sponsorship and fundraising is vital so if anyone has connections to a business that may be interested in sponsoring please do get in touch.

The day finished off with an open workshop of the materials covered and a sneak peak at the manual, written by Derek Tate, Jamie Kagan and Federico Sollini. Topics discussed, feedback given and debates had, it will be a great resource that will be available this season. Based on the current climate, being an online resource is not only better for the environment but means it will be dynamic and up to date, meaning IASI members will be able to access it simply and whenever they want.

A great two days with lots gained, the Irish Interski Team are all desperate to get back out on the snow doing what we love. Look out for the next meeting in Kaprun in November, when the real demo training starts!

To support the team please visit our funding page

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