Meet the Team - Scott Hammond

As we continue our build up to Interski 2019 Pamporovo we introduce the second member of our team, Scott Hammond, who is one of our two Telemark demo team members. Each person has written about themselves under the headings of Learn it, Love it, Live it - the philosophy of the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors (IASI).

Learn it - tell us about when you learnt to ski?

I learned in Italy in 1983, but I wanted to be a ski instructor from the age of 11, a year before I’d even been skiing after seeing a documentary about instructors. I was told by my careers advisor Mrs Martin to forget it and think more realistically! Work in a bank or factory was the advice. These days, I practice technique whenever I get the chance so I can enjoy the experience of free skiing knowing I can ski wherever and however I want without having to think too hard about it.

Love it - what is it you love about skiing/teaching?

Spreading the joy and seeing that same face, be it beginner or expert, child or grandma, plough or carve, bumps or powder, the list goes in. When they get it, you remember when you did too! It cannot be explained, but it can be seen.

Live it - where are you based and what has skiing given to you?

I have moved around mountains for 28 years. From Cervinia Italy, Verbier Switzerland and now in Hafjell which is close to Lillehammer in Norway. I live in the mountains because I love the mountains. It has given me all I need to get up in the morning and go to work or go out and play. The first flakes are the best time of the year.

Share an Interski moment - past/build up/expectation

I worked for Matteo Pession who attended Interski twice in the 70s. He told me about it back at that time in the early 1990’s. Some years later I was standing at the top of the demo slope in St Anton, at Interski 2011, in front of 2000+ of my peers, as part of the the Norwegian telemark delegation - that was a moment I never even thought about ever happening. For that one moment I thought "I've made it. Mrs Martin at school was wrong".

What’s your craziest moment on skis?

Impossible to say. Each day, each turn and each moment is different. As much as we try to make them all the same, that one turn that made you go wow stands out. That one face shot that went up your nose. That one endless long face of untouched powder. That day skiing with a good mate, but the one I remember as the most emotional was passing my ISIA speed test and Telemark level 4 on the same day. That was special. The craziest was being caught in an avalanche in Verbier and being overwhelmed by its power. It taught me a greater respect for the mountains that day.

To view the full Irish Interski Team click here.

And remember that all our team members are paying their own way so if you would like to support the team visit our support the team page. Any donations received will go directly to help with travel and accommodation costs.

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