The New IASI Manual - Chapters 1 - 4

Well after a number of months of very hard work we are finally able to start releasing chapters from the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors (IASI) Manual. We are still working on some of the chapters and putting the finishing touches to others and will release new chapters over the coming weeks. But to begin we have the first four chapters plus the manual's foreword completed and ready to view now. One of the cornerstones of our philosophy is to be a 'hub' of information sharing and in this spirit we are making the manual FREE to members and non members alike. Each chapter is available as a separate PDF document and can be viewed online and downloaded. The manual is accessed from the bottom left of the IASI website's home page. From there you are taken to the manual's home page where you should follow the instructions to view each chapter. As further chapters are released the specific pages (parts of the manual) will be populated.

The foreword has been written by IASI member and International Ski Instructor Association (ISIA) President Vittorio Caffi. We were delighted that he was willing to write this foreword for us and feel very privileged to have Vittorio as one of our members and president of the ISIA.

To view the foreword and the full contents directly click here.

Each chapter in the manual follows a similar format listing the learning objectives and topics covered at the start and then concluding with summary key points, suggested reading and resources and references.

Chapter 1 is the manuals general introduction and covers IASI's Mission, Philosophy and Concepts. This chapter has been written by Derek Tate and sets the scene for all the chapters that follow. We have spent the last few years really identifying what our philosophy is all about and made sure that this is now spreading through everything that we do.

To view chapter 1 directly click here.

Chapter 2 covers The Basic Principles (BP) and while these are the same basic principles that IASI have used since 2007 from the book Parallel Dreams Alpine Skiing this chapter really challenges our views on how the basics are learned and links it to some of the other key concepts covered later in the manual such as The IASI Skills Model and the Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition. This chapter has been written by Jamie Kagan and Derek Tate.

To view chapter 2 directly click here.

Chapter 3 is all about Anatomy and Biomechanics and how these fundamentals are applied to skiing. This chapter has been written by Federico Sollini and covers a great deal of material including: Muscles and Joints, the Foot/Ankle, The Knee, The Pelvis and Hips, Misalignments in the Pelvis and Legs, Physics in Skiing and their application. The content contained in this chapter is of vital importance to the snowsport instructor and really gives them the background information required to ensure that technical information is conveyed to their guests is grounded in sound fundamental knowledge of the bodies anatomy.

To view chapter 3 directly click here.

Chapter 4 also written by Federico Sollini, covers the important subject of Physical Preparation and looks at this both in the context of instructors looking after their own physical training as well as understanding how it relates to the guests that they teach. Topics covered include: Body Alignment, Balance and Coordination, Energy Systems and how they relate specifically to skiing. The underlying message of this chapter is that physical limitations can be one of the main elements that hold back the student's chance of improving.

To view chapter 4 directly click here.

We hope that you enjoy reading these four chapters and find them useful as you prepare for the coming winter. Each week we will release some more of the seventeen chapters so keep an eye on the various social media platforms for news of their release.

Thanks to Jason Clarke Photography for the photos in this blog post.

And please feel free to share this post with your snowsports friends and colleagues.

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