Meet the Team - Cazz George

This week we introduce team member Caroline George better know as Cazz as we continue our build up to Interski 2019 Pamporovo. Cazz is one of our research team members and is currently based in Zermatt, Switzerland where she works as a coach for Diamonds Training Centre.

Learn it - tell us about when you learnt to ski?

I learnt to ski on a family holiday when I was 18yrs old. We had decided to do something different for Christmas, and it was dark when I arrived in the Alps, so my first ever sight of mountains and snow was on Christmas morning and it was a perfect bluebird day. After finishing university a couple of years later I got a job with travel company Powder Byrne managing their children’s clubs which meant I got to ski every day behind the children. It was then that I really learnt to ski – whilst putting on their tiny gloves and doling out biscuits I was listening to the instructor and learning all of the exercises.

Love it - what is it you love about skiing/teaching?

Teaching and coaching has always been a passion of mine; from 12yrs old I have been coaching sports. Skiing has an ability to get through to people in such a unique way, and to be able to help them achieve something is a great feeling. Even if it’s simply trying something they are a bit scared of, or a skill/run they thought was beyond them, the look on someone’s face when something clicks is worth it. Coaching instructors is even better. To see them grow and progress and find their own motivations and abilities in themselves, but also when they come back after their first teaching lessons or after a challenging client and you don’t even need to ask if they felt they’d done a good job. That’s a good day.

Live it - where are you based and what has skiing given to you?

During the winters I live in Zermatt, Switzerland. Currently I work for Diamonds Training Centre as a ski coach and course coordinator and for Matterhorn Diamonds as a ski instructor. I was actually Diamonds Training Centre’s first ever trainee and I believed in the coaching programme and the comprehensive approach to training that I worked hard and became a coach for them. Working alongside my mentor Federico (also on the Interski team) there is so much more I want to achieve, in both work and for IASI. In the summers I am a travelling nanny, and yes that is as fun as it sounds!

Share an Interski moment - past/build up/expectation

As a researcher for the Irish Interski Team, my expectations of Interski are varied. Working with instructors from all over the world discussing techniques, philosophies and coaching methods are what interests me the most. How IASI can gather all of this information and utilise it for the next few years to create quality training courses which in turn should hopefully create quality instructors is my main incentive.

What’'s your craziest moment on skis?

During my first ever week on skis I went off exploring on my own, and found myself in the middle of a bumps field on a black run. At that time I didn’t even know what a mogul was, but I had so much fun trying to get down the memory standing at the bottom looking back up at what I’d just done has stuck with me. It might not have been pretty, but it was exciting!

Thanks to Jason Clarke Photography for the photo.

To view the full Irish Interski Team click here.

Please note that all our team members are paying their own way so if you would like to support the team visit our support the team page. Any donations received will go directly to help with travel and accommodation costs.

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