Chapter 5 - Core Skier Development (CSD)

This week we are publishing chapter 5 - Core Skier Development (CSD) which is one of The Four Key Concepts. Most national snowsports instructor education bodies have a progression which takes the learner from complete beginner to a level of proficiency, which for Alpine skiing is often 'parallel'.

One of the overriding messages for this chapter (and indeed throughout the manual) is the fact that IASI and it's members work in a variety of environments and surfaces: from artificial outdoor slopes (dendix, snow flex etc., to indoor rolling carpet slopes, to indoor snow domes and of course mountain resorts throughout the world. Ireland itself has no real snow skiing resorts hence IASI offer certification courses on artificial slopes in Ireland (and the UK) and in mountain resorts in many European countries. With this mind the chapter covers CSD in the 'context' of these different environments. Shona Tate has taken the lead in writing this chapter with contributions from Jamie Kagan and Derek Tate.

This chapter is essential reading for ALL members working toward level 1 and 2 Alpine certification and a useful reminder for aspiring level 3 and 4.

To view the chapter directly click here.

You can also view the chapter via the embedded viewer on the IASI web site (click on the screen shot below) and if you download it from here you will get the full resolution PDF.

We hope that you enjoy reading this latest chapter. Next Monday, the 12th of November will see the next instalment of the manual being published.

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