Meet the Team - Sara Jones

This week we introduce team member Sara Jones as we continue our build up to Interski 2019 Pamporovo. Sara is one of our research team members and also our 'adaptive' representative. She currently teaches in the Zillertal area of Austria and is leading the development of the adaptive strand for IASI.

Learn it - tell us about when you learnt to ski?

I don’t remember learning to ski. I spent my childhood dealing with whatever snow and weather conditions happened to be in the Cairngorms! My learning started with my first ski instructor course. It took a bit of thinking about to figure out how skis worked. My learning curve increased sharply when I took on a long term project of teaching a guy to ski who needed to know the hows and whys of skiing before he could use the instruction practically.

Love it - what is it you love about skiing/teaching?

There are so many things to love about skiing and ski teaching – it is difficult to choose one. However, one aspect that makes me smile is being able to help people achieve their goals.

A few years ago a student came to learn how to monoski. He had broken his back and wanted to be able to ski with his family and friends again. By the end of the week he was skiing blue pistes with his family. Now, he sends me videos to show me what crazy stuff he’s been up to with his friends.

Live it - where are you based and what has skiing given to you?

I had a grown up job that I gave up, first to work for Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK), then I moved to Zillertal, Austria where I have lived and breathed skiing for 13 years.

Share an Interski moment - past/build up/expectation

Looking forward to skiing with some great skiers and learning how different systems tackle the problem of going left and right!

What’'s your craziest moment on skis?

Not really crazy, more magical! At New Year in Austria everyone sets off fireworks at midnight. For the last few years, we have walked up with touring skis, watched the fireworks from above with Christmas cake and whisky and then made our first turns of the new year in the early hours.

Thanks to Jason Clarke Photography for the photo.

To view the full Irish Interski Team click here.

Please note that all our team members are paying their own way so if you would like to support the team visit our support the team page. Any donations received will go directly to help with travel and accommodation costs.

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