Interski Demo Team Training in Kaprun

Last week heralded the start of the season for myself and much more importantly the inaugural demo team training of the 2018/19 season and the start of the road to Pamporovo!

Training kicked off in the same vein that many ski-training events do with a mega drive and brief stop at McDonalds until we arrived just outside Kaprun to join the rest of the team. We (myself, Phil and JP) were the last to arrive at the air b n b and were greeted by the rest of the team and some very well timed lasagna and beer – a great way to kick off the 4 day camp!

After a lot of banter, catching up and friendly piss-taking Jamie, Fede and Del set the stage for the week ahead with a run down of the plan for tomorrow and the rest of the time. With that (and a bit more chat) we tucked ourselves in for the night and a 6am wake up the following morning!

First day back on skis for the season, new boots, new kit, new resort – lets just say it took me a few runs to wake up and feel happy. After a few hours of forgetting how to ski things started to get back to normal and thankfully the formations and plan wasn’t affected by my slightly slow return to form! Day 1 and back in the formations and groups we’d worked with in Cervinia worked great, both teams picked things up right where they were left and after a large gap from both skiing and skiing in formation the formations were looking pretty solid.

That afternoon/evening we watched some brief videos of the formations which was great for me to see as it’s the first time I’ve seen what’s happening behind me and I’m happy to report it’s looking good :D

General plan for the second day was to put the whole routine together and get a few runs on camera to see what it’s like. The slopes were quiet, the snow great and other than a few random people taking photos and videos and the occasional mug-punter trying to join in the synchro we were largely given the slope when we set off making the team routine work really well without obstacles!

We briefly met up with the Hungarian interski team and a few of the Spanish team for some photos and a quick hello and ski which was great fun and gave us all a taste of what it might be like at the event in March.

More videos, chat and discussions, food and drinks – the afternoon/evening routine continued and all being together in the same place works perfectly and allowed the team to talk lots about interski but also to chat a lot about IASI and the developments that have and are happening behind the scenes.

Days 3 and 4 on the camp were a mixture of planning and introducing a 2nd routine and focusing on our personal skiing to set out a bit of a personal plan for the next few months. The team worked great and after a bit of experimenting the second routine is coming together and has a lot of liveliness in it and feels great when it works :D

We finished the evening with some drinks, comedy photos (which are online open for people to caption them), lots more banter and then some insights into why each individual member was there and spending their time, effort and money to go to Interski with the Irish team. It was really interesting and quite emotional for a few people and really hit home what this represents to each team member, the team as a whole and the importance for the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors.

Everyone’s hyped for the next camp in Pila, Italy, the team are starting to gel and work and ski together better and my skiing is feeling back at it’s normal level of sexiness. All in all and lovely start to the season and the road to Pamporovo.

The Irish Interski Team is completely self funded by each individual. If you would like to support the team please visit our funding page and donate.

You can also view the full team by clicking here

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