Chapters 14 & 17 - from part V - How we learn.

This week we have published both chapter 14 - The Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition (DMSA) and chapter 17 - Learning Styles. The chapters in this section of the manual are vital for all instructors who want a better understanding of how our guests learn, take on board new information and develop the movement patterns of the sport.

The subject areas covered in these two chapters are potentially complex and go way beyond just snowsports. However, if we are to truly help our guests to have a great experience with us, then the more we can learn about how others learn, the better equipped we are to ensure their time with us is the best it can be. At the end of both chapters there is an extensive reference list to help guide the reader to original sources and how to delve deeper into these important areas. Both chapters are essential reading for instructors who are working through the higher levels in the IASI certification system but will be of great benefit to instructors from any association.

Chapter 14 - The Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition (DMSA) presents a NEW approach to acquiring skill that leads to enhanced learning and enjoyment by integrating the work of Fitts and Posner (skill acquisition), Ellen Langer (mindful learning) and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (flow). In todays world it is not enough to simply help our guests get better at the techniques of the sport but rather to help them engage in an experience that will enhance their overall well-being. Using the DMSA can help with achieving this goal.

To view this chapter directly click here.

Chapter 17 - Learning Styles is the final chapter of the manual and covers not only Honey and Mumford's learning styles but also Kolb's learning cycle. However, understanding people's individual learning preferences and the steps in the process of learning is only half the battle as we then need to understand how to deliver sessions and how best to communicate with each individual. And that is where Mosston and Ashworth's teaching styles come in to play. This chapter brings all of these areas together so that we, the instructor, can match our delivery to the needs and preferences of each guest.

To view this chapter directly click here.

We hope that you enjoy reading these chapters. Further chapters will be released over the coming weeks so keep an eye out on social media or revisit our blog. And remember all the chapters that have been published to date can be accessed from the IASI website

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