Chapters 15 - Mindfulness and mindful learning.

This week we have published chapter 15 - Mindfulness and mindful learning. This chapter helps to build on the Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition by looking at what mindfulness is all about (and indeed what it is not) plus how we might learn in a more mindful way.

The chapter opens with a quote from the writer:

"Because every performance is unique this has profound implications for how we practice and perform. Recreating best past performance may be helpful but being present and open to what we encounter, right here, right now is vital if we are to create the best performance today"

This quote very much sets the scene for what is to come with the following being covered:

Defining mindfulness

Mindfulness vs. meditation

Being vs. doing

Mindfulness in sport

Automaticity vs. awareness.

It is perhaps this last topic, which delves more into Ellen Langer's research and 'take' on mindful learning, that really challenges some of our beliefs about the autonomous phase of skill acquisition.

To view this chapter directly click here.

#Mindfullearning #Mindfulness

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