Chapter 16 - Flow (Optimal Experience)

Part V of the new IASI manual is now complete with the publication of chapter 16 - Flow (Optimal Experience). Flow is an integral part of The Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition (DMSA) as covered in chapter 14 and is a desirable state for performers to seek. It is often associated with peak performance or what James Loehr refers to as "The Ideal Performance State (IPS)" and while peak performance is NOT guaranteed when you enter the flow state the chances are considerably increased because they both have so much in common. Loehr says, in his book "Mental Toughness (1982), "when we achieve the right focus, when we are properly mindful of what we are doing, awareness and action merge. The Ideal Performance State is fundamentally tied to the occurrence of this merger"(p. 79)". And 'Action - awareness merging' is one of the key flow state characteristics.

Chapter 16 describes in more detail both the flow foundations (3) and the flow state characteristics (6) as set out in the picture below.

To view this chapter directly click here.

We hope that you enjoy reading this chapter. Further chapters will be released later this winter so keep an eye out on social media or revisit our blog. And remember all the chapters that have been published to date can be accessed (FREE) from the IASI website

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