Meet the Team - Shona Tate

With the Interski Congress in Pamporovo now just over two weeks away we introduce another team member - Shona Tate. Shona is part of the Alpine Demo Team and this will be her 2nd Interski Congress representing Ireland.

Learn it - tell us about when you learnt to ski?

I was put on skis aged 2, my earliest memory is racing in Scotland at the age of 5, I have never stopped sliding since. After racing as a teenager I became an instructor so that I could let new people to the sport share the passion, experience the independence, emotion and exhilaration that skiing can give you from dryslope to snowdome to out on the mountain resorts.

Love it - what is it you love about skiing/teaching?

The ability to give people the joy and emotion from skiing is the one thing that I take great reward from. I love to see guests start from nothing and reach their goals of being able to slide around in control.

Live it - where are you based and what has skiing given to you?

Being out in the mountains in Chamonix, France, where I teach every season, gives me the quality of life that I live for. Ski teaching has given me the opportunity to make a wonderful community around me and experience the alps in both Winter and Summer, it’s become my playgroup for life!

Share an Interski moment - past/build up/expectation

I attended Interski 2015 in Argentina. This was the most wonderful snowsport learning and sharing experience and such an opportunity to travel to Ushuaia on the most southern tip of Argentina.

What’'s your craziest moment on skis?

Skiing on a monoski as a teenager 😊

Thanks to Jason Clarke Photography for the head shot. Other photos taken by Derek Tate at the teams training in Pila, Italy.

To view the full Irish Interski Team click here.

Please note that all our team members are paying their own way so if you would like to support the team visit our support the team page. Any donations received will go directly to help with travel and accommodation costs.

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