Meet the Team - Jordan Revah

With Interski 2019 now just over a week away we introduce another of the Irish Interski Team members - Jordan Revah. Jordan is part of the Alpine demo team and is also an educator and examiner for IASI.

Learn it - tell us about when you learnt to ski?

I learnt to ski in 1986 I was 3. It’s one of my earliest memories in life; my Gran took our whole family skiing to Arosa, Switzerland and it was amazing. I was pretty much inbetween my mums legs the whole time and was probably sleeping as much as I was skiing but loved it and have some hilarious 80’s ski pics from back then :D

Love it - what is it you love about skiing/teaching?

I love helping people understand the sport and develop their awareness of what they’re doing. Seeing how this new and improved understanding and awareness not only helps them improve but helps them make improvements without instruction and seeing people I’ve taught at an early stage in their skiing come back years later and be way better is what I love about teaching! I also think the feeling of skiing is one that’s so special and in every sport or activity I’ve done nothing quite replicates or lives up to the way it feels when you’re shredding on skis!

Live it - where are you based and what has skiing given to you?

I’m based in Verbier, Switzerland. Skiing has given me so much; my entire life is now out here and that wouldn’t be the case without skiing. I’ve got a great job that I love, managing the Warren Smith Ski Academy. I met my wife through skiing and we’ve got a lovely house and cat! I love what I do as work, which mentally I think is really important in life. There are negatives of course – it’s made a huge mess of my feet!

Share an Interski moment - past/build up/expectation

It’s still early in our training when I’m writing this so not many interski moments to share. I’m at the front of the demo team so can’t see what anything looks like which is a bit weird! Seeing the team on camera in full formation for the first time back in April was awesome! I’m really looking forward to getting to ski some new resorts, having fun with familiar faces and meeting lots of interesting skiers and people at the event.

What’'s your craziest moment on skis?

Craziest moment on skis – first time skiing in Japan with some friends; we hiked to one of the off-piste areas near the peak and traversed into the supposed powder through a icy, exposed wind affected traverse line. None of us had been to Japan before and without saying it we were all thinking “what the f**k is this; where’s the pow!”. The minute we entered the tree line and started skiing we could barely breath through the wake of powder that was getting thrown up. I stopped after about 30 seconds needing to catch my breath; everyone was in euphoric laughter at the sheer awesomeness of the snow and just to the side of us one of our friends was upside down in a tree adding to the hilarity. We got him out, put on some face masks and had the craziest, best, not scariest day of skiing I’ve ever had!

To view the full Irish Interski Team click here.

Please note that all our team members are paying their own way so if you would like to support the team visit our support the team page. Any donations received will go directly to help with travel and accommodation costs.

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